Friday, September 19, 2008

Thursday September 18, 2008 sightings

All Times are Eastern Standard Time

At 5:30pm decided to head over to NE junction in New Haven Indiana. On the way over I heard 21T calling clear at MP 135.2. Since I was just getting on the on ramp to head over there I figured that may be the last train through town for the day. As I crossed the NS Wabash tracks (Hunington District tracks) on 469 I heard on the scanner 27V call a clear at East Spencerville. I finally decided to shoot a photo of 27V at River road.

6:00pm - 27V at River Road with NS 9949 and NS 7504. After 27V passed I travelled over to NE junction to wait on the next train. A short while later I heard 261 call diverging approach East Dawkins. A second possible photo opportunity had presented it's self. I started the car and left for West Dawkins to check it out. Found NS 261 sitting in the siding at West Dawkins.

As I was sitting at NE I saw 306 leaving heading east. This train had stopped. I wish this train had been heading West as it had a matched set of BNSF Pumpkin's in the lead. As I traveled back down toward New Haven I passed 306 on it's way East. I stopped at Ryan Road to shoot 261. I had heard 43N call a clear at West Grabil.

7:18pm - 261 at Ryan Road with NS 9694 and NS 7556 for power. After this train cleared I headed back to NE. I sat at NE junction and watched as 261 continued it travel West. I heard 43N talking to the dispatcher about moving at restricted speed into East Wayne Yard. 43N was a light engine move a CSX 255. After 261 cleared I headed toward the West end of East Wayne yard. I saw 276 at NE and forgot to write down the numbers. I was headed down toward the West end of East Wayne yard and this train called a diverging approach signal and left town toward Grabil. By this time it was getting dark so I went home.