Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friday March 26, 2010

Went out and about with my Son and Daughter on Friday. We first started out with a little rail fanning in the Butler Indiana area. These are the sightings from that outing.

12:21pm at St Rd 1 St. Joe Indiana - We saw West bound CSX refrigerator train L091-25 led by UP 5357 and UP 5056. We were stopped at the crossing so no photos are available of this train. See the prior post of L090 this is just the West bound version of that train.

12:38pm CR 60 St. Joe Indiana - South Bound Norfolk Southern intermodal train 21T led by NS 9536 and UP 4225.

12:51pm CR 59 at the SDI Plant Butler Indiana - Norfolk Southern Mixed freight L96 led by NS 6564 and NS 3023 switches cars at the SDI plant South of Butler Indiana.

Didn't really cach anything else. The kids wanted to play in the park at Waterloo Indiana after that we went to dinner then home.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wednesday March 24, 2010

6:10pm south of Hoagland FWDC returns to Fort Wayne from Decatur Indiana.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday March 23, 2010

My son wanted to go out rail fanning yesterday and so here are the things we saw.

11:28am at County Road 35 East of Auburn West Bound mixed freight Q509 lead by CSX 7849.

11:43 am at County Road 51 West of St. Joe Indiana West Bound intermodal Q149-23 lead by CSX 5266 and CSX 5241.

12:14 pm at County Road 57 West of Butler Indiana East Bound mixed freight 16E with NS 2629, NS 8801, and NS 9815.

12:51 at Railroad St in St. Joe Indiana East Bound refrigerator train L090-23 with UP 5021, UP 5076, and UP 5357.

My son wasn't feeling well so we ended our railfan outing at this point.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 21, 2010 - 21Z at CR 47 West of Butler Indiana

2:21pm - NS 7576 and NS 9203 lead train 21Z west at County Road 47 West of Butler Indiana.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tuesday March 16, 2010 sightings

All times are Eastern Standard Time

When I went to bed the night before I hadn't decided what I was doing on my day off. I didn't set an alarm, but I woke up around my usual 5am. When I got up I decided that I would indeed go out and do some railfanning for the day. I had received on monday my Verizon Wireless USB 760 broadband modem in the mail. I had been looking for one of these used at a good price because I didn't want to pay the $129.99 that Walmart wanted for it. I was just itchig to try it out. I got up, plugged the modem in, and paid for a one day pass ($15). After getting the laptop in the car and the other equipment that I use when I am out I was off. My desitination was St. Joe Indiana.

First train I hear was CSX Q-164-16 near Auburn Indiana. I decided that I would try to catch this train at County road 75 East of Indo. No such luck as the train was catching up to me quickly. I stopped at State Road 101 to take the first photo graph of the day.

8:22am - Intermodal train Q-164-16 with CSX 5491 and CSX 5479 at State Road 101.

8:30am - U927 goes into emergancy near Auburn. Everything stops for about the next hour. About the time I decided to leave for Butler Indiana and the Norfolk Southern CSX clears Q-136-16 to proceed East at restricted speed.

9:33am - Intermodal train Q-136-16 at the county road 75 overpass with CSX 7465 and CSX 7900. Decided after this train passed that I would move on to Butler Indiana and the NS. As I approched the West End of Indo and the State Road 101 area I got another indication that an East bound was coming.

9:47am - Rack train Q-200-15 at State Road 101 with CSX 7460 and CSX 7830

After this train cleared I made my way up to Butler and heard 24m clear CP358 (Butler) and heard 196 call the West end of Butler. Made it accross the tracks before 196 crossed and over to the Diamond on the East side of Butler.

10:06am - Mixed Freight 196 heads North with NS 2610, NS 6659, NS 6692, and NS 9345. I didn't take any photo's of this train.

10:20am - Headed East of Butler to County Road 79 to take a photo of 38E a Mix Freight with NS 8947 and NS 5041.

10:53am - Headed back to the West side of Butler and head a train call the signal at CP 369, but didn't get the symbol. Photographed the train from the County road 61 overpass. It was an internmodal train with NS 9976 and NS 9960 for power.

At this point I wasn't feeling very well so I thought I would head back down to CSX as I was hearing a lot of activity down there. CSX was on my way home. Headed back to county road 75.

11:38am - Grain Train K803-13 with CP 8524 for power met West Bound Q395. I shot this photograph at county road 75.

At this point I headed home and was done for the day. All in all a good day.