Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday October 6, 2011

17:28 South bound NS 21T at Irving Road with NS 9448 leading
Finally got off work early enough to head out for some rail fanning and some sun.  Had an errand to run so I ran that first then as I listened to the scanner I heard that something was going on over around Grabil.  Turned the car around and headed over to Grabil.  As I near Grabil Indiana I hear the Norfolk Southern dispatcher clear 21T to go South through the siding there at Grabil as the Rail Grinder was working on the main.   Turned again and headed down to Irving road on the East side of Fort Wayne where I took video and photo's of 21T.

17:41 South bound NS 171 at Notestein Road with NS 9135 leading

Next I heard 171 call the signal at St. Joe so I headed back toward Grabil.  Before I could get to Grabil he had arrived at East Grabil and called a clear signal there.  Photographed Norfolk Southern train 171 at Notestein road and it was a literal grab and shoot as the train
was approaching the crossing where I had stopped the car.

17:55 North bound Loram Rail Grinder RG314 at Hurshtown Road

Next I headed to the North side of Grabil to see if I could see the Rail grainder.  Stopped at Hurshtown Road North of Grabil to photograph the rail grainder at work.

18:25 West bound CSX train Q171-06 with BNSF 5208 leading
Made my way up to Butler Indiana but nothing was coming.  Heard Q171 calling signals on the CSX so I back tracked to County Road 75 near Indo (West of Hicksville Ohio).   Photographed Q171-06 at County road 75 and headed home.  Saw Q324-06 heading East at St Road 101 but didn't get any video or photographs.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Monday September 12, 2011 - CSX Q010 West of Hicksville Ohio

11:13am CR 75 CSX Q010 with CSX 609 Leading
Here is another photograph that I took on my last day of vacation.  This photo was taken from the bridge at County Road 75 near Indo West of Hicksville Ohio.  Here is a short intermodal train Q010 heading East.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday October 3, 2011 - NS 289 at Hamilton Road

6:34pm NS 289 at Hamilton Road South of Fort Wayne, Indiana
This afternoon after work I decided I would go out and attempt to take some photographs and video of trains.  Unfortunately I didn't get off work until after 5pm so that didn't leave a lot of sun light left.  I was hearing 35N, L68, and 289. The scanner was pretty quite as is normal for a Monday.  35N was just coming into town and works East Wayne yard and L68 is a train that came in from the South and headed East of where I was at that moment.  I knew that 289 was eventually going to be coming my way and turning and heading South.  When 289 got the signal I headed to Hamilton Road for this photograph even before the train had departed from where it was.  It was a short wait before 289 raced by my position  at Hamilton road at track speed 18:34 (6:34pm).

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Check out the Conrail GP38 and Caboose

Check out the Conrail GP38 and Caboose.  The number of locomotives in Conrail colors are falling fast.  This video is not mine, but I found it interesting on YouTube so I am posting the link for your viewing pleasure.